Tyler Lydon

#59 player class of 2015

6’9 185 pound PF

New Hampton School (NH)/ Albany City Rocks (AAU)

Syracuse University Commit


Q1. Engelhardt: This past season your New Hampton squad played your brother Zach Lydon’s (LIU Post commit) Bridgton squad.  I could imagine you guys have had a bunch of one-on-one battles in the driveway, but what was it like playing him in an actual game?

A1. Lydon: Honestly it was really different.  I always grew up playing with him on different AAU teams and on our old high school team; so to compete against him outside of being home was weird.  Once the game got going my adrenaline was pumping so at times I didn’t even notice.


Q2. Engelhardt: Before the summer you were kind of an under the radar prospect, but then you had an absolute monster summer that put you on the radar of a lot of high major Division 1 programs.  A lot of kids in your position would have waited to see how many offers they could accumulate; however you decided to be the first commit of Syracuse’s 2015 class.  Why did you commit to Syracuse so early, rather than waiting to see what other schools would offer?

A2. Lydon: I felt that Syracuse was the right fit for me.  Everything about them felt right: their style of play, their location (2 hours from home), the way they developed their players at my position is something I really liked, I knew Syracuse could give me a great education and lastly I had a great relationship with Coach Mike Hopkins.


Q3. Engelhardt:  I know you can play both SF and PF, but what position do you plan to mainly play at Syracuse?

A3. Lydon: Honestly I’m willing to play wherever the coaches think I can fit.  I’m going to continue to work on all aspects of my game to get me prepared so I can help contribute right away.


Q4. Engelhardt:  Before getting to Syracuse, what part of your game do you need to work on the most?

A4.  Lydon:  I would say a lot of what I need to work on is my strength, just getting bigger and stronger.  I also need to work on dribbling; I’m up almost everyday at 6:00 working on different dribbling drills with my coach to get me ready, but I’m honestly going to work on everything. 


Q5. Engelhardt: What do you consider to be the strengths of your game?

A5. Lydon:  I would say shooting, running the floor, rebounding and defense.


Q6.  Engelhardt: What type of drills do you find most beneficial to your game?

A6.  Lydon: A lot of footwork drills that help with my shooting and then just a lot of dribbling drills.


Q7. Engelhardt:  What current/former College or NBA player do you model your game after?

A7. Lydon: I try to model my game after Chandler Parsons, we have pretty similar size and we can both shoot it and put it on the floor.


Q8. Engelhardt: Do you have a relationship with any of the 4 remaining potential Syracuse recruits- Moustapha Diange, Derrick Jones, Thomas Bryant and Jessie Govan?

A8. Lydon:  I don’t know them personally and have only spoken to Bryant and Diange.  I haven’t had any conversations with them about their recruitment though.


Q9. Engelhardt: What are your goals for your senior season?

A9. Lydon:  I would like to get a chance to play in the Jordan Brand Classic game and honestly I want to win the NEPSAC conference and a National Championship.


Engelhardt: Awesome, great answers, thanks for taking time out of your day for the interview, but is there anything you’d like to say to #CuseNation?

Lydon: No problem anytime!  I’d like to say get ready because 2015 is going to be a great year.