Howard Washington

#55 player Class of 2016

6’3 173 pound PG

Canisius High School (NY)/Albany City Rocks (AAU)



Q1. Engelhardt: What schools are currently recruiting you the hardest?

A1. Washington: The schools currently recruiting me the hardest are Charlotte, Boston College, Virginia and Virginia Tech.


Q2. Engelhardt:  Being from upstate NY, you are somewhat close to Syracuse; have you gotten an offer from Syracuse, if not, have they shown any interest?

A2. Washington: No, I have not been offered by Syracuse yet, but yes we have been in contact a bit.  I’ve also been down there for their elite camp and have spoken to the coaches.


Q3. Engelhardt: Your recruiting process is definitely about to start heating up; once you start visiting schools what are some of the things that you will be looking for?

A3. Washington: Well I am really looking for a place that I can call a home away from home! I want to go to a college that is guard oriented and really just somewhere that I feel comfortable. These are all really important to me!


Q4. Engelhardt: Do you have any visits planned for the summer?

A4. Washington:  Next weekend we have an AAU Tournament in Boston, so we will stop in at Boston College.  I will also be visiting Dayton this summer while I am participating in their team camp.


Q5. Engelhardt: What current/former College or NBA player do you model your game after?  In what ways are your games similar?

A5. Washington: I would say there are three players that I model my game after: Chris Paul, Jeremy Lamb and Tyler Ennis.  My game is similar to Chris Paul’s in the way that we lead our teams and how we are both strong guards that can score at will.  My game is similar to Jeremy Lamb’s in the respect that we are both smooth guards that are very athletic.  Lastly, from Tyler Ennis’ game I strive to have his poise and leadership qualities.


Q6. Engelhardt: I know after their Sophomore season some players like to make the jump to prep school; have you thought about transferring to a prep school to play with/against better talent? If so what schools are you considering?

A6. Washington: As far as prep school, my family and I are having serious discussions about it.  My goal is to get to college and be prepared to play right away; I have to make sure I’m creating a good path for myself.  So far New Hampton, La Lumiere and Brewster Academy have reached out to me.


Q7. Engelhardt: What do you consider to be the strengths of your game?

A7. Washington: I would say the strengths of my game are my poise, how I lead my team, getting to the basket, my shooting and my passing ability.  I always want to make my team better.


Q8. Engelhardt: Before playing on the next level, what part of your game do you need to work on the most?

A8. Washington: I mostly need to work on my strength.  I have been working hard and have already made progress.


Q9. Engelhardt: What type of drills do you find most beneficial to your game?

A9. Washington:  I do a lot of regular ball-handling drills, resistance band ball-handling drills and hand-eye coordination drills for dribbling. I also do a lot of drills that help my finishing at the rim and the weight room is also essential to my progress as a player.


Engelhardt: Great answers man, thanks for taking time out of your day to do an interview! Good luck this summer!

Washington: No problem man and thank you!